Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Neh-moh-kon-ee-Boh-goh-ta lives in Europe

My piece Neh-moh-kon-ee-Boh-goh-ta is part of a private collection in Berlin, Germany.

 Neh-moh-kon-ee-Boh-goh-ta. Embroidery. 52 inch x 41 inch. 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

ArtBo The International Art Fair Of Bogotá 2014

I had a wonderful experience in ArtBo, the International Art Fair of Bogota 2014. I got selected for the show El cambio de todo lo sue permanence curated by Jaime Cerón Silva in the Artecámara section in ArtBo. This is a division of the Chamber of Commerce in Bogotá -Camara de Comercio de Bogotá- that supports emerging artists, in this case by showing their work and give them exposure in this commercial venue. Part of their goal is to “strengthen the bonds between the arts and business scene,” as they say in their website.  

Photo by CCB / Julián Tellez

The way that I got selected was by applying to the ArteCámara website’s call for artists. The work that I applied with is called Talk To Me / Háblame, a collections of embroideries that celebrate the diversity of places where my family has migrated, the languages related to these places, and the memory that has been passed from generations. In them the latitude and longitude of different places are used to map the migration. The pieces’s titles are made using a pronunciation guide for English speakers. This guide allows them to pronounce the titles in perfect Spanish. For example:

              Ah-moor: represents the word “love / amor”.
              Boh-goh-tah ee Chicago: represents the word “home / hogar”.
              Fah-mee-li-ah: represents the word “ family / familia”.

The embroideries are made by hand and machine. Every embroidery has lips that correspond to the movement of the mouth saying a word in Spanish and every set of lips represents a syllable or a vowel sound of these words.


It was the 10th year anniversary of ArtBo and Artecámara. I am ecstatic to have had this opportunity. It opened many doors for me that I didn’t expect. I got to meet many talented curators, artists, gallerists, collectors, installation experts and interesting people around the globe. Two italian collectors were very impressed and wanted to buy the entire collection, all three embroideries! My work got outstanding exposure and now my embroideries live in the gorgeous country of Italy.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Machera Series 6 At Expo Chicago And Its Organizer's Reaction.

Machera Series 6. Expo Chicago 2014. Photo. Nancy Valladares

This piece was performed during the preview and vernissage of EXPO CHICAGO, an exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art. My piece was part of the show 'By the Horns' curated by Meredith Weber, Program Director of the Industry of the Ordinary.

This installment is a variation on the Machera Series 5. It has the same concept of reciprocity as revealed by a black ring that the performers use to dance with. The stretchy fabric acts as a third dancer that unifies the performers. It also refers to the gender roles in Hispanic dances such as Salsa and Meregue.

Machera Series 5. Performance at Lubeznik Center for the Arts 
in Michigan City, IN. 2014. Photo by Nancy Valladares

The performance took place in different aisles where the viewers didn’t expect a performance until the performers stood up, held the fabric ring with their waists, and loud  salsa and merengue started playing.

There was an interesting response from the venue in the last presentation of the night. The music turned down slowly and we stood still until a few minutes passed. The curator’s friends that were helping us had turned off the music. The organizer told them to turn off the music because he thought we weren't allowed to perform, even though I was invited to participate in this venue.

Machera Series 6. Expo Chicago 2014. Photo. Nancy Valladares

It’s quite interesting that woman performing Latin dances with loud music shouldn’t do it in the prestige aisles of an art fair, and how its relates to a gender roles in “Hispanic” dances, the man leads the dance and the woman follows.

Some people say that it is better to get a reaction than nothing. On the day of the exhibition I felt very disappointed, but now the organizer’s reaction makes me question the preconceptions of different art practices and the places where they belong. 
The response we got from the organizer suggests that an exhibition of women performing Latin dances with loud music doesn’t belong in the prestigious aisles of an art fair. And the fact that the organizer was a man who essentially brought our dance to a halt, relates back to the gender roles in “Hispanic” dances, where the man leads the dance and the woman follows. 
Overall, his reaction reinforces my interest to continue performing the Machera Series at a variety of venues. Every time we perform we get a different reaction.  

Machera Series 6. Expo Chicago 2014. Photo. Nancy Valladares

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Summer 2014

Machera Series 5. Performance at  the Chicago Artists
 Coalition in Chicago. Photo by Nancy Valladares.

During this season I had the pleasure of working with the talented performers Mary Tilden and Liliana Castellanos, and with the photographer and videographer Nancy Valladares.

Machera Series 5. Performance at  the Chicago Artists
 Coalition in Chicago. Photo by Nancy Valladares.

I was invited and commissioned to participate in different venues such as ArtBash at The Lubeznik Center for the Arts.Michigan City, IN and Starving Artist at the Chicago Artists Coalition in Chicago, Illinois, where these fun photos where taken by Nancy Valladares.

Machera Series 5. Performance at  the Chicago Artists
 Coalition in Chicago. Photo by Nancy Valladares.

I started working at the School of the Art Institute as the Assistant Manager of the Fiber and Material Studies Department and as a Museum Educator Intern at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Machera Series 5. Performance at  the Chicago Artists
 Coalition in Chicago. Photo by Nancy Valladares.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Yeah, That's What She Said" Screening in NY

SexEd is an ongoing project that opens the conversation about sexual health and education in Unites States. My video piece  Ellas/Them (Women) 2012 was presented in the Cuchifritos gallery as part of this venue. Thanks to one of the curators, and one of my favorite artist, Norene Leddy, my video piece will be screening at the "Yeah, That's What She Said" venue on March 30, a weekend long exhibition and arts festival on the Lower East Side in NYC. 

Here's the website:http://yeahthatswhatshesaidnyc.tumblr.com/.
For more info about SexEd: 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

An incredible night at Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival curating Trailer Park Proyects, IPRAC Chicago with Caitlin Ryan, featuring the amazing work of Johana Moscoso!!!

I am very honored that I was invited by guest curators Meredith Weber and Caitlin Ryan to present the Machera Series 3! It took place at the Trailer Park Project a space support by the IPRAC Institute of Puerto Rico Arts and Culture, During the Milwaukee Arts festival in Chicago. More pictures soon!!!