Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Tapestry at Silos Exhibition in Glass Curtain Gallery In Columbia College

My new tapestry are part of this show. I am very honor to be part of this curatorial project by Jeffreen Hayes! Is it a show that was exhibited in Washington DC and came to Chicago. My work is part of the exhibition in Chicago.

November 17, 2016 – February 18, 2017
Reception: November 17, 5-8 P.M.
Gallery Hours

As a microcosm of our society, the art world maintains a system of marginalization based on racial and cultural difference. Artists identified as “other” function in silos, just as they do in society. This exhibition presents eleven artists who examine these silos, otherness, and the cultural and social ramifications of marginalization based on one’s identity, whether self-defined or inscribed. Bearing witness, as these artists do, not only identifies the pressing issues of our time but also challenges the norm of marginalization, absence, and exclusion. Through the work of Yaw Agyeman, Wesley Clark, Nathaniel DonnettShané K. Gooding, Esau McGhee, Johana Moscoso, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Ellington Robinson, Stacy-Lynn Waddell, Rhonda Wheatley, and Wilmer Wilson IV Silos gives voice to the silence(d).
Curated by Jeffreen M. Hayes, Ph.D
For more information: Mark Porter, 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am - 5pm, Thursday 9am - 7pm, Saturday 12pm - 5pm

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